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Nordic Walking for Weight Loss

Nordic Walking is an ideal choice of activity to achieve sustainable weight loss. In fact, many participants swear that Nordic Walking is the best walking exercise for losing weight!

 The utilisation of all major muscle groups in Nodic Walking results in greater calorie consumption and less perceived effort by the participant. This makes Nordic Walking a more effective method of walking to lose weight than regular walking, or even jogging. 

Additionally, because Nordic Walking can be social, uses trendy but simple sports equipment and is performed outdoors, it is an activity many typically exercise-avoidant people enjoy doing regularly.


  • Engages all major muscle groups resulting in greater calorie consumption
  • Reduces bodyweight load on ankles and feet
  • Low perceived exertion compared to the higher energy expenditure achieved
  • Muscle fatigue and discomfort decreased due to workload being spread across body
  • Attractive and trendy sports equipment - used by elite athletes alike
  • Minimises risk of strains by spreading bodyweight over four points of contact to ground
  • Promotes a longer lasting post-workout calorie burn effect

  • Strengthens abdominal and back muscles
  • Boosts self-esteem, image and mood
  • Enjoyable, engaging and conducive to long term participation

Nordic Walking is also very beneficial for Chronic Disease Management and Total Body Fitness.

created by Patrick Burtscher and Maree Farnsworth, Founders Nordic Academy