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Nordic Walking for Cross-Training | Elite Athlete Training

Nordic Walking is a highly effective, yet low impact, aerobic cross-training method for a total body workout.

While Nordic Walking has its origins a a cross-training exercise for elite cross-country skiers, it is now an activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The health and fitness benefits of Nordic Walking are significantly greater than jogging, trekking or regular walking.

For sports competitors at all levels, and especially for elite athlete training, Nordic Walking:


  • Spreads the workout across the entire body - thus reducing strain on any particular (over-use) area
  • Sustains or builds general aerobic conditioning
  • Helps strengthen total musculature - not just the sport-specific muscle groups
  • Decreases load on strained or potentially injurious ligaments, tendons, bones or joints

  • Develops co-ordination and learning of a new motor skill and movement pattern
  • Promotes muscular endurance of minor muscle groups (eg. triceps, gastrocnemius)
  • Attractive fitness option used by elite athletes with highest VO2max levels

Scientific research in Europe and the USA has proven that Nordic Walking activates 90% of the body's muscles and increases aerobic effect by up to 25% more compared to regular walking. When the proper Nordic Walking technique is used, this low-impact form of fitness walking tones upper arms, shoulders and back muscles, while simultaneously developing core strength and stability. 

Nordic Walking is also very beneficial for Injury Rehabilitation and Weight Loss.

created by Patrick Burtscher and Maree Farnsworth, Founders Nordic Academy