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Nordic Walking Accessories

To perform Nordic Walking one only needs proper Nordic Walking poles. However, there are a few products which make your Nordic Walking experience even more special. Have a look below.


Pulse_One_-_resized_1000Drink Belts

For extended walks some sort of carrying system for water, snacks and a basic first aid kit is necessary. Choosing a suitable system which doesn't interfer with the fluid arm swing back and forth of Nordic walking is essential. Slim line back packs or a decent drink belt are the best options. Have a look at the Deuter drink belt here

Nordic_Walking_Pole_BagPole Bags

This Nordic Walking pole bag is MADE IN AUSTRALIA. It's a padded, custom made bag and it comes in two sizes. The small bag is ideal for adjustable poles while the large bag fits all lengths fixed length poles. The large bag can be folded down to the length of the poles. For convenient carriage the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Nordic_Walking_capNordic Walking Cap

This fresh and stylish cap protects from both heat and too much sun. It also tells curious onlookers what they should and what you have done already: 'Take the Next Step'.

Nordic_Walking_socksNordic Walking Socks

We have had these socks custom-made to ensure they fit the needs of Nordic Walkers. They feature: * breathable and hygienic cotton-blend composition * padded sole for extra cushioning and comfort * mid-ankle length so that gravel and pesky little stones can't make their way in * visible graphics to declare the activity to curious onlookers * 'take the next step' cheeky slogan on the sole for your personal satisfaction We are also very proud to report that they are Australian-made!

What to Wear


The most distinguishing feature between an ordinary fitness or running shoe and a shoe for Nordic walking is the construction of the heel (because of the more forceful heel strike of the Nordic Walking stride). If you are a regular Nordic Walker then the acquistion of suitable footwear is highly advised. There are now a few shoes on the market which have been designed specifically for the needs of Nordic Walkers and are a wise investment for your feet. If however, you are an occasional Nordic walker then lightweight outdoor or fitness walking shoes will suffice.


Clothing should be comfortable and made from functional and breathable material. For the more serious Nordic walker athletic leggings and sports tops are recommended.A handy additional feature for your clothing is the addition of small pockets which can hold the rubber paws of your poles when they are not required.