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Nordic Walking for Total Body Fitness

Nordic Walking is one of the best total body fitness modalities for achieving overall health, increased stamina, sustainable weight loss, pronounced muscle tone, overall wellness and, most importantly, an enjoyment of long term participation. Quite simply, Nordic Walking is one of the best total body workouts suitable for all ages

Scientific studies conducted in both Europe and the USA show that the Nordic Walking benefits include:


  • Boosts aerobic fitness and weight loss effects
  • Strengthens and tones core muscles, upper back, shoulders and legs
  • Promotes muscular endurance of minor muscle groups (eg. triceps, calves)
  • Releases tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility (hip, knee, ankle & shoulder areas)
  • Reduces muscle fatigue due to workload being spread across body
  • Attractive and trendy fitness activity originating from elite endurance athletes
  • Lowers risk of over-use injuries as workout spread across whole body
  • Enjoyable, engaging and conducive to long term participation

In addition to being ideal for total body fitness, Nordic Walking is also very beneficial for Injury Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Chronic Disease Management and athletic Cross Training. 

created by Patrick Burtscher and Maree Farnsworth, Founders Nordic Academy