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Nordic Walking for Injury Rehabilitation

Increasingly, Nordic Walking is being prescribed by physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals as a highly effective form of rehabilitation therapy. The Nordic Walking technique can be manipulated to cater for patients' specific needs and to achieve their desired outcomes. 

The health and rehabilitative benefits of Nordic Walking are significantly greater than regular walking, trekking or even jogging, with scientific research from the USA and Europe proving that the benefits of Nordic Walking for injury rehabilitation includes:


  • Effectiveness in all stages of rehabilitation from acute to chronic
  • Enables functional mobility without loading of full bodyweight
  • Rebuilds aerobic fitness base faster
  • Double-poling technique variation used to progress on from crutches
  • Improves integration and coordination of muscles
  • Lighter, more manoeuvrable and sporty-looking apparatus
  • Increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility (hip, knee, ankle & shoulder areas)
  • Enjoyable and motivating - resulting in higher program adhesion

Nordic Walking can be used as a low impact form of fitness walking for injury rehabilitation as well as a rehabilitation exercise for lower limb injuries. Several physiotherapists in Australia are now Certified Nordic Walking Instructors and include Nordic Walking as part to their rehabilitation treatment. 

Nordic Walking is also very beneficial for Chronic Disease Management, Weight Loss and Total Body Fitness.

created by Patrick Burtscher and Maree Farnsworth, Founders Nordic Academy