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Nordic Walking Pole Sizing and Fitting

Selecting Correct Pole Size


The length of a suitable Nordic Walking pole is determined by a person’s height. To calculate your correct pole length use the formula: Height (cms) x 0.68. 

For fixed length poles round up or down to the nearest 5cm. 
Eg. a person with a height of 172cm would use 115cm poles (ie. 172cm x 0.68 = 117cm, round this down, correct length is 115cm). Click here for a height / pole length chart

Alternatively, pole length can be determined by holding the pole at its grip then standing the pole upright in front of the body with the elbow held next to the body. The elbow should form a 90° or slightly greater angle.


Strapping In



This is not as easy as what you might think, but follow these guidelines and you will strap in with no problems.

Each strap of a NW pole is marked with either a “Right”/ “R” or a “Left”/ “L”. Check which is which then stand both poles upright with the straps facing towards you.

Open the velcro strap or loosen the buckle strap.



Slide the hand up and into the strap so that the thumb passes through into the smaller opening on the inside and the remainder of the hand through the larger opening on the outerside.

Fasten the strap so that it is comfortably firm.