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Nordic Walking Refresher Course

The Nordic Academy Refresher Course is only available for currently qualified Instructors for the purpose of refreshing and refining the correct Nordic walking techniques for long term retention.

Instructors who attend this Refresher Course will have their qualification indefinitely recognised by Nordic Academy.

Pre-requisites for Participation in the Refresher Course

A current Nordic Walking Instructor qualification valid for at least 12 months, but no more than 24 months.

Course Outline

*  Videotape and view existing technique, identify technique faults/ areas for improvement
*  Peer teaching exercise
*  Case scenarios of problem learners and technique faults
*  Review of technique variations uphill, downhill, double poling, jogging, striding, skating etc
*  Open question and discussion time 

Refresher courses will take place in conjunction with the first day of the Nordic Walking Instructor Course.


Investment for this indefinite qualification is $125 (inc GST).
Payment can be made via direct credit bank transfer, cheque or a Money Order.

Assessment and Successful Completion

NW Instructors completing the Refresher Course will have their qualification indefinitely recognised and endorsed by Nordic Academy.


To register for the Refresher Course please send an email to Submit your full payment at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the course.

Further Information 

For enquiries contact the National Training Manager via  or phone 0433 775 227.