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Nordic Walking - a winner for Heart Failure patients

A very popular fitness activity called European Nordic walking increases the health of patients with heart failure, a new small study.

Nordic Walking, people walking on a stick and move your hand in a motion similar to a ski. Form of rapid growth in the European sport that is safe for older patients.

Aerobic exercise will improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure and reduce the risk of hospitalization, but many patients with heart failure is difficult to implement.

The new study, which included 12 patients with heart failure, found that Nordic walking allows patients to safely increase the intensity of your workout and subsequent heart / lung benefits within normal walking.

The research findings were presented this month at Heart Failure Congress in Belgrade, Serbia, which is the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology.

“In a Nordic walking is a heavy workload because we use other muscle groups,” lead author Andrzej Lejczak, a physiotherapist in the Military Hospital in Wroclaw, Poland, and a PhD student in the School Physical Education in Wroclaw, said in a news release from the association.

“We walked on four feet, so we are your arms and legs at the same time – that’s why we have a positive response,” he said.

The results showed that the “Nordic walking is safe to put in a cardiac rehabilitation program for patients with heart failure,” said Lejczak.

Because the study was too small and the results were presented at medical meetings, data and conclusions should be considered early to publish in peer-reviewed medical journals.