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Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Academy has searched the global marketplace to trial and select the best quality and value products available, so that every Nordic Walking experience you have is a positive and effective one. Provided here are general guidelines for selecting the right pole, however we are always happy to give personal advice and recommendations to match your individual requirements. All you need to do is email us on or call us on our freecall number 1300 791 740.

Nordic Academy only provides high quality Nordic Walking equipment from ONE WAY (Finland) and LEKI (Germany).

The 'ONE WAY' brand of poles from Finland are the only ones to use the advanced technology of 'diamond carbon' - an ultra light but supremely strong and durable material for the pole shaft. It is the brand of choice for many of the world's best cross country ski athletes. Nordic Academy is proud to be the exclusive supplier to Australia and NZ of this leading brand.


'LEKI' has been producing high quality ski poles and trekking poles for decades, now they also excel with their Nordic Walking pole range. They are German in design and quality and are ideal for any terrain or climate. Like ONE WAY, all LEKI Nordic Walking poles use the important Salomon licensed wrist strap to ensure function and comfort.

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Choosing a quality and correctly sized pair of poles is extremely important, so seeking advice is strongly recommended. WHAT MAKES A GOOD NORDIC WALKING POLE?

The enjoyment and physical benefits achievable through Nordic Walking are greatly determined by the quality of the equipment used. The five key factors when selecting a pair of poles includes:


Quality of Hand Strap

- is it a PROPER Nordic Walking strap (rather than a simple loop where you put your hand through)?
- is the wrist strap detachable?
- does the wrist strap provide control and proper function?
- is it comfortable?
- does the material breathe?
- it the correct size for your hand?


Quality of Hand Grip

- synthetic or cork composites are the most popular
- consider how hot and sweaty conditions would affect the grip



Quality of Pole Shaft

- carbon composites make for lighter and more flexible poles, which gives a better swing movement than heavier adjustable models. Fibreglass or carbon-alloy composites are cheaper options. But beware of cheap aluminium poles (they are more likely to break)!



Quality of Metal Tip

- lasting and durable tungsten carbide tips are recommended
- suitable for use on foot paths and roads 



Quality of Rubber Pad (system)

- how much walking will you do on hard surfaces?
- will you be changing from hard to soft surfaces frequently within single sessions? Have a look at the All-Terrain Poles

Consider your budget but donít skimp on quality or be fooled by Ďcheapí imitations as they will most likely end up costing you more money in the long run. As a general rule, a pair of quality poles will cost between $160 and $250. Visit our Online Shop.