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Nordic Walking Trainer Course

The Nordic Academy Trainer Course aims to advance the knowledge, skills and coaching abilities of an Instructor to the next level of competence.

A Trainer has perfected the various NW techniques, has experience in teaching and can apply Nordic Walking and its variations confidently to satisfy specific fitness or rehabilitation needs of participants.

Trainers are qualified and encouraged to conduct Proficiency Courses under the name of Nordic Academy if they wish to do so.

Prerequisites for Participation in the Trainer Course

    • Must have a current Nordic Walking Instructor qualification
    • Must have attended a NWIC Refresher Course
    • Must have been actively instructing for at least 24 months
The course involves practical exercises, discussion themes, scientific research and assignment work.
4 hours contact, approx 2 hours non-contact.


Assessment and Successful Completion as a NW Trainer

There are no formal assessments however NW Trainers must satisfactorily partake in all activities and discussions. A Trainer must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of NW issues and perform a high standard of technical skills. A Trainer also has to submit their home assignment on time and to a satisfactory standard.

Successful completion of these items are at the discretion of the Master Trainer.

Further Information

For further enquiries conact the National Training Manager via or phone 0433 775 227.