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LEKI Micro Trail Pro - Fixed Length Foldable Poles

Nordic Walking Poles are very versatile, they are ideal - not only - for Nordic Walking, but also for hiking, trekking or even trail running.

leki trail stick 1The major benefit (in comparison to ordinary trekking poles) is the customised wrist strap which is far more comfortable, it allows the user to let go of the grip without losing the pole. Even more important - the wrist strap allow for far greater power transfer onto the poles. Both, most LEKI and the ONE WAY fixed length Nordic Walking poles have the most comfortable and best quality quick release wrist straps.

Using poles for walking / running is often regarded as an unwanted need and required assistance for those who couldnít do without. However, this is a total misconception. Using proper poles in a certain way intensifies a walking workout as opposed to just reducing stress on the knees. Due to this significant difference in purpose it is important to emphasise that Nordic Walking is a time-effective and ideal training modality for the period leading up to the event but the technique and the way they poles are used should be altered for the actual long distance walking event where the aim is to conserve energy, minimise fatigue and maximise performance longevity.


Read below a personal story of a serious hiker asking herself if a pair of (Nordic) walking poles really would help her aching leg muscles?

"I have a confession to make. For years I have laughed at walkers with poles. I have pooh-poohed poles as an annoying waste of time; as a cheatís crutch. I have tried my partnerís walking poles (he swears by them for easier walking) but I have found them to be irritating, awkward and painful for my shoulders.

But I have had to face facts. I have a big event coming up, the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon, which involves, among other tough disciplines, a walk/run over seven Munros and 15 miles. I need all the help I can get to minimise leg pain and muscle fatigue.

So I had a look on-line at walking poles studies. I discovered that walking poles, especially lightweight poles that are designed for Nordic walkers, are a great way to aid walking endurance and save theusual pain in leg muscles. (My partner pointed out that he had been telling me this for years but I needed to read some research to be convinced.)" ...

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