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Care Guidelines for Nordic Walking Poles

How to Care for your Diamond Carbon Nordic Walking Poles

Congratulations on your choice and purchase of ONE WAY Nordic Walking poles.
To ensure that that your poles provide you with high quality performance for years to come, please follow these care guidelines:

X     DO NOT allow sideways forces to impact the pole shaft

Your new poles are constructed from diamond carbon technology that combines superior strength with durability and lightness for the activity of Nordic Walking. Their strength is designed for the application of downward force, not sideways impact. Therefore:

  • Store poles in a place where nothing can fall or sit on the pole shaft. Standing or hanging the poles are recommended.
  • Be aware of how the poles are transported in cars or trains to ensure that no object sits on top of the pole shaft.
  • For plane travel, packing the poles inside hollow tubing is the best way to prevent potential sideways impact as a result of rough handling.
  • Be careful of how you grab your poles out from between the slats of a wooden park bench.

     DO periodically clean the hand straps

  • Hand wash in cool water using a light wool mix. This will get rid of any dirt or sweat and allow maximum breathability and comfort from the straps.

We are sure that you will enjoy every one of your Nordic Walks with your ONE WAY poles.

created by Patrick Burtscher