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Nordic Walking in Community Health and in Council


Nordic walking is an ideal activity to offer in Community Health and Council settings as people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels can participate in it and feel the benefits immediately. If set up correctly from the start, a Nordic Walking program will result in a low cost, low maintenance and sustainable program that can truly make a difference to the long term health and wellbeing of a community.


Nordic Academy has created the only accredited program which require minimal consultation and tailoring to meet the needs and budget of any sized or located CHC or council. Download the information brochure, email our training department at or free call 1300 791 740.

About Our Training

Nordic Academy’s high quality training is designed to ensure Instructors are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to teach, and adapt where necessary, correct Nordic Walking technique to client’s individual needs and/ or limitations. It is only through this ability for Instructors to tailor and correct, that people can experience the significant benefits that Nordic Walking offers to address their specific health and fitness needs. In order to have such understanding of their clients’ needs and produce the potential outcomes, Nordic Academy focuses its training on health and fitness professionals and allied health assistants.

We are the only training provider in Asia-Pacific which has met stringent certification requirements and has achieved external accreditations with several major organisations. Accreditation status exists with:


Nordic Academy’s training, program development and expertise have been tailored and delivered across a wide range of industries and fields: from health and fitness, to active lifestyle programs for local councils, as well as to tourism, schools and outdoor education sectors.

Consultancy & Support

Training is the first step in setting up a Nordic Walking program, however as Nordic Walking is a new activity, knowing how to structure, promote and facilitate programs to attract and benefit your desired target markets is an essential follow up in order to achieve long term success and sustainability.

Nordic Academy has provided consultancy and follow up support to deliver best practise programs to a variety of health practices, fitness centres, private businesses, government departments as well as CHC's and local councils around Australia. Work and consultancy has also occurred internationally with organisations such as Osteoporosis Canada, Singapore Sports Council and the Fiji Physiotherapy Association.

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