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Here are just a few people sharing their experiences about what Nordic Walking is doing for their health, fitness and enjoyment of life.


Nordic Walking for Weight Loss

"My Nordic Walking class has become my weekly exercise addiction. I have lost weight and feel fitter. It  is a great all-over body workout (I certainly feel it in my muscles afterwards) and the great social aspect of the class makes it all the more enjoyable."

Kristen, Nordic Walker
Frankston, VIC

Nordic Walking for a Great Workout

"I recently tried Nordic Walking for the first time. Not only was I impressed with the knowledge, experience and expertise of the Instructor from Nordic Academy, but I got a great workout as well."

Joe, Fitline Personal Training
Melbourne, VIC


Nordic Walking: Gentle but Effective

"I find that Nordic walking is far more gentle (than the gym) but still benefits all the parts of my body. An absolute bonus is that it takes place in the fresh air and in the company of pleasant people who are are also striving for better bodies and health."

Marnie, Nordic Walker
Burwood, VIC


Nordic Walking for Upper Body Strength

For my line of work upper body strength is really important, so I was very happy to discover that Nordic Walking really works the arms, shoulders and upper back. I have improved my muscle tone and strength greatly and have therefore made Nordic walking a part of my regular training regime."

Meagan, Nordic Walker
Victoria Police



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"Hi, I am from Sydney and began Nordic Walking in December last year. I am over 60 and have just recovered from a hip replacement and find it the most exhilarating form of walking there is. I walk with music in my ears and feel each step working my arms, abdominal and back muscles. I feel better walking with poles as I know that they look after my joints and there is less soreness in the muscle groups. My walking has improved and I can now walk up the escalators at the station. I say thank you to the day I found out about Nordic Walking on the web. I love it."

Diana, Nordic Walker
Bondi, NSW


"Some days I find it hard to get the motivation to go running or cycling, whereas with Nordic Walking I can always get myself out there to get my body moving. I grab my poles, get walking, then find that I really get into it and end up having a great cross training workout."

Joseph, Nordic Walker & Active Sportsperson
Hawthorn, VIC


"I have just returned from a walking weekend with my regular walking group. I took my new Nordic Walking poles and they were fabulous, I am 'sold'! I had previously had bad luck with my body - I tripped in Cambodia two years ago and broke my shoulder and nose, then in June 2005, I tripped and fractured my knee cap. Needless to say I had almost lost my confidence, but now I am actually walking better than I did before my falls! I walked 31+ kms over the weekend in some rather steep and rocky terrain - what a great difference! Now the others in my walking group are considering using Nordic walking poles."

Muriel, New Nordic Walker
Adelaide, SA


I am an ex-fitness instructor and am really interested in learning how to nordic walk as I have heard what a great workout it is. My brother who lives in Noosa, QLD has been Nordic walking for a couple of years now and he has been trying to convince me to try it. He is a tennis coach and it is really great for him as cross-training. He raves about the cardio workout it gives him, especially up hill. I've let my cardio fitness slip lately but thought this will get me back on track.

Sadie, About-to-be Nordic Walker
Yarrawonga, VIC